Danish for university students – University of Copenhagen

New Language Schools in Copenhagen from 1st August 2018

Starting from 1st August 2018, Danish courses in Copenhagen will be run by two new Language Schools. CIP will therefore, not be able to offer Danish for University Students and Danish for knowledge workers after 1 August 2018. The same will be the case for Danish courses at IA Sprog, Københavns Sprogcenter and Studieskolen.

You will of course, be able to finish your current Danish module at CIP and you can take the module test in April, May and June 2018 when the running courses end. The last teaching of the current Danish courses at CIP will be end of June 2018.

As soon as we know more about the start-up of Danish modules at CLAVIS and UC+, we will inform you in the best way possible.

We can also reccommend the Language Schools VUF on Frederiksberg and Hellerup Sprogcenter in Hellerup.

Information regarding the new voucher system

All self-supporting students starting a new module in 2018 will be assigned a voucher. The voucher holds up to 6 units, each corresponding to one module of Danish language courses, if classes are attended according to schedule. View the model below.

It is essential that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with all aspects of the new voucher system, in order to understand the consequences of the choices you make. A wrong choice may mean losing the right to free Danish lessons, for example if you:

  • Take breaks in the middle of a module
  • Take too long breaks between modules
  • Spend more time on a module than what is available in the unit corresponding to the module
  • Do not show up at the language center within a month after having received a referral letter from your municipality (see the section “New students after 1.1.2018”).

Link to more information about the voucher system here!

Read more about the modules: here - click on this link 


  • You will acquire basic Danish language skills for studying and living in Denmark

  • You will have the flexibility of one late afternoon class combined with online lessons every week

  • You will meet other international students and build up a network

Partnership with IA Sprog

CIP has since 2017 formed a partnership with IA Language Center. CIP  offers Danskuddannelse 3/Danish Language Programme 3 to University staff and students.