Labour market-oriented Danish courses – University of Copenhagen

Labour market-oriented Danish courses

Foreigners who work or study in Denmark can attend publicly funded Danish courses, in accordance with the Act on Danish for Adult Foreigners (Bekendtgørelse om danskuddannelse til voksne udlændinge m.fl.).

Danskuddannelse is the divided into 6 modules. Modules 1-4 are finished with a module test each, that you must pass. Module 5 is finished with Prøve i Dansk 3 and module 6 is finished with Studieprøven.

The University of Copenhagen has developed two Danish courses aimed at knowledge workers and university students respectively.

There is a deposit of 1250 DKK, which will be refunded upon completion of 6 modules. The rest of the course fee is paid by the participant's local municipality. As your local municipality will pay the course fees, your participation is subject to you obtaining a referral from the municipality.

You are eligible for a referral if you have a Danish CPR number and an official address in Denmark. If you work in Denmark but live in another EU-country, or if you are an EU citizen who does not have a Danish CPR number, you may also be eligible.

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